About Us

Bev and Rod Van Metre founded Rocky Pine Ranching over 35 years ago, although Bev has been raising horses her entire life.  They are located 18 miles north of Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada.  Their goal is to provide quality horses that will meet the diversified needs of the horse world with a variety of breeds.  Quarter Horses, Paints, Thoroughbred crosses, Arabians and Registered Spanish Mustangs all make their home at Rocky Pine. 

They have a Progressive Training Program that allows each horse to reach their full potential as an individual.  Their goal is to give each horse the basic training they need to advance to any discipline they are suited for.  Horses from Rocky Pine have gone on to become reiners, three-day eventers, hunter/jumpers, ranch horses, dressage and endurance horses, among many other things.   On average, there are usually 30 horses in training and 60 horses on the ranch.  There is a prospect for just about anything and we have many more that may not be listed on the website, so make sure to send us an e-mail with what you are looking for!


Bev and Rod Van Metre