RP Where There's Smoke

2018 Bay CPAR Filly
My Painted Gun x DAR Heartbearts Legacy

This gorgeous filly is bred to be a Half-Arabian reiner or cow horse deluxe.  Her sire, My Painted Gun is a son of Colonels Smoking Gun and a grandson of Somebody Smart.  Coupled with the responsiveness and versatility of the Arabian, Flame is going to be a force to be reckoned with.  She has been well-handled and is already incredibly willing and smart.  



RP Flashback Cat

2018 Black XAQHA Filly
Just N April x RP Northern Blackcat

 Legs for days, this black filly should mature into a nice, soft smooth riding horse.  This cross generally matures between 15 and 15.2 HH.  They have a beautiful long stride from the addition of that little bit of Thoroughbred from their grand-sire.  She is well put together and has a great mind.  Her sibling's have excelled in barrel racing, ranch work, and in English disciplines. She has really blossomed with handling and is well halter-broke, and up to date on farrier and deworming.



RP Just Ketch Up

2018 Chestnut APHA Gelding
Wily Lookin x RP Lady Onyx

Ketch is a super friendly, solidly built colt.  He's the first to come up in pen and the last to leave.  He comes from a long line of our breeding program and we're pretty proud of him.  Both our AQHA herd sire's are in his pedigree and they both consistently throw easy, trainable minds with plenty of athletic ability.  This little guy is going to go places, whether it's in the show pen or on the ranch - he'll be ready to show off for you.



RP Blue Steele

2018 CPAR Blue Roan Gelding
Just N April x WRA Diamond Tiara

Steele is a handsome, eye-catching colt.  This cross is always very friendly, quiet, and love people from the moment they're born.  Most of his sibling's have been used as Competitive Trail horses as they have the endurance of an Arabian and the wonderful mind of the Quarter Horse.   They are easy to start, smooth to ride, and all-around great horses to have. His fancy blue roan coloring just adds to the package!  Should mature 15.1+ Hands High.  He is well halter-broke and up to date on farrier and deworming.